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Being a Single Mom in the Active Military

This a little bit off my topic that I started this blog for, which is working at home. Being a single mom or a mom alone is work in its own right! Being a single mom in the military adds to the definition of work.

I wake up around 0530 (5:30 am) and my day begins. It depends on what day of the week as to what it begins with whether it’s a run or a vigorous strength work out at the gym or in my garage. I attempt to come back home and get a quick shower and head in to work, but this never actually happens…Various things seem to cloud my way: my son is yelling at my daughter because she’s been in the bathroom too long; she’s yelling back at him that he should have woke up earlier; she makes to the bus and he doesn’t; mom is now driving in the total opposite direction of the office. Good I am at a point in my career that I can be a little late!

After a long day of Administering military contracts, helping civilian vendors, sitting through long drawn out meetings, and hearing about “government shut down” (just lately), I head home to relax, or so it seems.

Once I hit the door I have to take my daughter to whatever practice she may have and attempt to do homework ( I am working on my MBA in International Business). After picking up my daughter from practice, cooking, and homework, I post my ads for ZNZ, answer inquiries, and get people started!

In the end my day is full and purposeful and I am so blessed to be able to do everything that I do…This is why I publish under a title that includes what my life entails: ZNZMilitaryMom.

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Update on Online Marketing

I woke up this morning the same as every morning, but one thing was different…I had received a payment from ZNZ…it is not a great amount, but it’s more than I had when I went to bed!!!!

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