I don’t know if it’s just me or others feel the same way, but the Holidays have a way of making me a little low. It has went from joyous time spent with family to how much money do have to spend?? I am in the process of moving and when I sat down and looked at all the cost involved I almost wanted to just stay where I was.

In the end God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle. I am happy that I joined ZNZ, I have to day made almost $680 in a span of 30 days. It is certainly not getting rich and some may deem it as chump change, but I am truly grateful for this blessing. Well until we meet again….

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Paying my Bills with ZNZ

I have now come to the conclusion that ZNZ and the person that introduced it to me, Kim Honaker, was a blessing. There have been so many times that I have tried programs that promised me the world and all it delivered was less money and a headache. Working part time as a Referral Agent with ZNZ has given a little more freedom than I had before. I seem to have a trend of making referrals every 2-3 days. It is official, it was a good idea to just start…. The proof is in the results. The best thing is that most of the people that sign on with me are reimbursed their trail fees or I provide them up front! I do this because of the so many times that needed help and it was not available for whatever reason. I hope this helps someone along in their lives.

For more information email me at blkessence2004@gmail.com

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Being a Single Mom in the Active Military

This a little bit off my topic that I started this blog for, which is working at home. Being a single mom or a mom alone is work in its own right! Being a single mom in the military adds to the definition of work.

I wake up around 0530 (5:30 am) and my day begins. It depends on what day of the week as to what it begins with whether it’s a run or a vigorous strength work out at the gym or in my garage. I attempt to come back home and get a quick shower and head in to work, but this never actually happens…Various things seem to cloud my way: my son is yelling at my daughter because she’s been in the bathroom too long; she’s yelling back at him that he should have woke up earlier; she makes to the bus and he doesn’t; mom is now driving in the total opposite direction of the office. Good I am at a point in my career that I can be a little late!

After a long day of Administering military contracts, helping civilian vendors, sitting through long drawn out meetings, and hearing about “government shut down” (just lately), I head home to relax, or so it seems.

Once I hit the door I have to take my daughter to whatever practice she may have and attempt to do homework ( I am working on my MBA in International Business). After picking up my daughter from practice, cooking, and homework, I post my ads for ZNZ, answer inquiries, and get people started!

In the end my day is full and purposeful and I am so blessed to be able to do everything that I do…This is why I publish under a title that includes what my life entails: ZNZMilitaryMom.

For more information on working with ZNZ email: blkessence2004@gmail.com

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More ZNZ motivation…

After trying various programs and spending unnecessary money trying to make money (how ironic is that). I finally found something that works and I have actually made money with it. I have now started to offer any trail reimbursement or I will provide it up front in order to get people started!!! This is a great way to make extra money…the proof is in the photos!!

Let me get you started today! Email inquiries to: blkessence2004@gmail.com



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Work From Home Online

There’s always work in marketing. In today’s world online is where your most effective marketing will happen. Print advertisement are still used, but the most effective way to gain a customer is to let them try a product for little to no cost, if they like it, they will stay if not they will move on….it’s a 50/50 chance. With ZNZ all you have to do is move them in the direction of the trail and then it’s up to the individual companies to keep their attention. Regardless if they keep the trail or not…you still get paid!

Get Started Today! Email inquiries to: blkessence2004@gmail.com

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Another Pay Day with ZNZ military mom

Any day that I can help someone move forward in their lives is a good day for me…and them! Out of the three follow ups that I spoke to, one completely finished the perquisites to start online marketing. While she can envision her goal I am envisioning mine….1/3 is not that bad for an hour of talking and texting. This is something we all do daily, surfing the web, talking on phone and texting; why not get paid for it. You can reach my main email from the link below.

Get Started Today! Send inquiries to: blkessence2004@gmail.com